After the fall of Amazon, who will be the new king of the financial markets? CANNABIS

After Black Wednesday on the stock exchange, provoked by the fall of tech stocks and Nasdaq, global investors found themselves without a strong product in which to invest. An excellent return on investment in precious metals was expected when an increase of 900% in medicinal cannabis stocks was seen in two months. Therefore, financial markets found the new king of investments.


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Are medical cannabis stocks a good investment?

The answer is yes. Thanks to data provided by important financial periodicals, it can be said that today stocks associated with medicinal cannabis represent one of the best assets in which it is possible to make great gains. Suffice it to say that in only two months, the value of stocks of the principal businesses associated with medicinal cannabis rose 900% – a spectacular increase that began to attract investors from around the world.

The continued investment in medicinal cannabis means that the value of these stocks will continue their ascent.

Graphic 1: Value of Aurora Cannabis stocks from July 30

The most significant increase was registered by the Canopy Growth Group, which obtained growth three times greater than the average of competing companies. Thanks to these groups associated with medicinal cannabis and part of e-commerce, the Nasdaq hasn’t joined in in the wake of tech stocks.

Even the legalization of cannabis in Canada, which should have curbed the interest of the markets in this asset in particular, hasn’t been able to counteract the results of the stock exchange, and after just one day, the value of medicinal cannabis stocks has regained its rise to the top.

The danger of the bubble has also been avoided in the short term, thanks to the development of synthetic cannabis, whose value is also increasing.

Growth in value in the immediate and foreseeable future

The stock exchange withstood the danger of speculation on Black Wednesday, and the future of medicinal cannabis couldn’t be more promising. Even large companies like Coca Cola and Corona have invested in cannabis, the latter having invested 4 billion dollars in cannabis stocks. The continued acquisitions of "herb stocks" or of cannabis, lend even more credibility to marijuana stocks, making it the new queen of the markets and, potentially, more profitable than Amazon. Whoever invested $1,000 in Amazon 20 years ago has earned a profit of $638,000. It is estimated that a $1,000 investment in cannabis stocks that is executed now may provide, given the initial growth of 900%, a gain of some 1.3 million dollars in 10 years. A double benefit in half the time compared to Amazon! Therefore, it is advisable to invest in these products before their value rises too much.

Entering the cannabis market doesn’t require large amounts: 200 euros is more than enough to begin.

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